Getting the brand & product offer right for a multi million pound retail transformation


WMC had ambitious plans that would see its St Austell based Cornish Market World site totally transformed with the latest phase of its multi-million-pound retail investment.

While traditional markets have been in decline over the last decade WMC have developed a successful template that allows markets, such as Old Spitalfields, to thrive in today’s retail environment.

Following our successful work supporting Aviva’s new retail developments in Exeter, we were approached to discuss a research project to support the development and launch of the three elements which would make up the new retail offer on the site – Cornucopia, Jump Around and the traditional market.


The site was set to combine retail, leisure and attraction elements to provide an aspirational leisure and retail destination for both locals and visitors.

The senior management team felt they wanted a thorough evaluation of the new design concepts for Cornucopia, including testing the prospective names and branding as well as capturing attitudinal and behavioural data relating to the existing operation (Kidzworld and Cornish Market World) to guide the commercial redevelopment, re-positioning and marketing planning of the new offering.


We started with desk research, looking at the existing Cornucopia feasibility reports, to fully familiarise ourselves with the various elements of the new retail offer.

We initially recommended that the research should be completed in two phases. The first phase was qualitative. We conducted three focus groups with key customer groups identified – using Experian to refine the Mosaic groups recruited (e.g. Country Living) of local residents.

Following the successful completion of the qualitative phase the key findings indicated quantification should be undertaken. It was agreed this phase would focus on further testing Cornucopias concept with local residents and inbound tourists, since the proposed diversification into a new market had raised a number of issues with the concept among the target audience.

The 2nd phase involved conducting 1,100 face to face surveys with the target audience. This provided a statistically robust sample and also allowed sub analysis of the data at the reporting stage.


Following the presentation of the combined research results to the senior management team the innovative Cornucopia concept has been further refined and will launch in 2017.

It will combine a food hall, specialising in premium Cornish food and drink and a visitor heritage attraction as well as forming a community hub for organised events and performances in the evening.

The research findings also resulted in Kidzworld extending the age range of children it caters for and has been rebranded “Jump Around, while the market has been repositioned as “Cornucopia Market Place”

The initial retail redevelopment of the product and service offer on the site has already yielded excellent results.


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  • Product and service research
  • Brand Awareness and advertising research
  • Behavioural and attitudinal research

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