Supporting a submission to a regulator


Radio Exe is a well-established regional radio station which has steadily improved its Rajar figures – increasing both audience reach and frequency / length of listening hours. Set against this positive trading background an exciting opportunity to apply for the broadcasting license in South Devon became available.

Following our successful work with other media agencies we were approached to discuss a consultancy and research project to support their submission to Ofcom


Ofcom had very specific questions that they wanted the applicants to address. We reviewed the overall Ofcom submission and then planned the data capture to provide bespoke analysis and reporting to show how our client would meet the stringent criteria required by Ofcom to be considered for the new license area.

We developed the questionnaire to ensure the resulting data and analysis provided the key information – as well as providing additional insight into radio listening behaviour.

It was also important that the quantitative survey sample was representative of the population of the new license area and was also large enough to be statistically robust.


The research proposed involved conducting 1,100 on-street face to face surveys across the new license area – providing a large enough sample to allow sub analysis of the data at the reporting stage. The surveys were completed in the main conurbations (Urban & Rural) with a sample frame developed to reflect the age, gender and demographic profiles of the overall population in the new license area.


The results were incorporated into the Ofcom submission for the new license area.

Paul Nero the Managing Director of Radio Exe commented

“We know our topic and industry inside out, but we didn’t necessarily know the best way to ask the questions. Power Marketing’s skills in questionnaire development, fieldwork and data analysis helped us understand the market opportunity and provided the evidence to write a compelling pitch document. Very impressive all round.”


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