Guildhall Shopping Centre


With increased competition from other shopping centres in the area, the management at the Guildhall Shopping Centre in Exeter wanted to be able to make informed operational and promotional decisions that would maintain their position as a key shopping destination in the City.


The management wanted to understand more about the Visitors to the Shopping Centre in terms of behaviours and key motivators to visit the Centre. Key service aspects required to be identified and benchmarked for subsequent tracking surveys and awareness of advertising used to promote the centre needed to be measured. The management also wanted feedback on operational priorities for the Centre to enable them to allocate budgets.


An on-street, face to face survey with two distinct audiences:

Those ‘shopping’ in Exeter on the day of interview

Those ‘working’ in Exeter on the day of interview

In all cases, respondents had to be both ‘aware’ of the Guildhall shopping centre and have ‘visited’ the Guildhall shopping centre previously.


The results of the surveys have been used to identify changes required to the Centre with it currently undergoing a major update and refurbishment. Tenants have been able to see demonstrable and independent measurement of the Centre.


  • Retail


  • Behavioural and attitudinal research
  • Customer, Employee and Supporter Surveys
  • Brand Awareness and Advertising research

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