Testing a TV advert


The English Riviera Company had produced a 30 second television advert aimed at attracting the over 55s to holiday on the English Riviera. However, despite good figures from the website and other analysis that had been done, there was a degree of uncertainty over whether to run the advert again or whether to commission the production of another advert. In order to assist the Board in making this decision, the client wanted to commission some research to understand what the target audience thought about the advert and whether it would influence them to visit the area.


We needed to speak to over 55s living in the main catchment area of the Midlands. In addition they had to take holidays (including short breaks) in the UK.

The client also wanted to consult enough people to reassure the Board that the views from the research were from a statistically robust and representative sample.


We identified the main counties and postcode areas in the Midlands that we wanted to cover and then we commissioned an online panel provider to provide a sample of those living in those areas that were aged over 55. We also added a screening question around holidaying in the UK.

Online panels have the following advantages:

  • Qualified respondents – the panels use a variety of rigorous verification processes to recruit and maintain their panels
  • Opted-in respondents – these respondents have signed up to participate in online research
  • Incentivised respondents – these respondents are incentivised and rewarded by the panel provider to encourage response rates

Additionally, panel providers will guarantee a set number of responses that they can achieve from their panel.

We were responsible for scripting and hosting the questionnaire which included playing the advert to the respondents. In addition, we liaised with the panel provider to obtain the target of 500 complete responses to the survey. Finally, we analysed the responses and produced a written report illustrated with charts and graphs.


As a result of the research, the client was given a clear view on which aspects of the advert appealed to the audience. This enabled the client to identify specific improvements to the content and editing of the advert. Consequently, the client did not incur the cost of making a completely new advert.


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