Creative testing research with the youth market


The team at Devon County Council responsible for encouraging the safe use of cycling as a sustainable transport alternative by 11-14 year olds identified engagement in schools as a key strategy.


It was important that the Bikeabilitys cheme was presented in a way that was visually appealing and used the right tone of voice for the audience to maximise take-up of the scheme in schools.


The age group of the target audience made them particularly susceptible to peer group pressure, so we decided to conduct a series of paired depth interviews – to give each respondent the confidence and reassurance to take part in an active discussion without feeling self-conscious.

A series of creative concepts were shown to the respondents to stimulate discussion around visual appeal of the imagery, the fonts and the tone of voice being proposed to refresh and rebrand the Bikeability scheme.


The research helped the team at Devon County Council to identify the imagery, look and feel of the advertising that had the most appeal to the target audience. It also provided insight into how the website for the scheme could be improved to increase engagement.


  • Transport


  • Creative testing research

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